Interested in walking? Then you’re in the right place.

Hey, my name is Peter and I’m so glad you’re here. I honestly believed that I’m going to be the only one around talking about walking. Even my friends told me that building this page is a waste of time.

If you ever had people around you saying that what you believe in is wrong, then you understand.

I have decided to create this page after a personal walking experience. This isn’t anything exciting and for sure it won’t make the headlines.

NOTE: this is based on my personal experience and the research I’ve done.

As a former athlete I was used to training hard to achieve goals. With time though life got in the way and there was less and less time for physical exercise.

I wasn’t overweight or anything but 11lbs (5kg) above my regular weight was too much for me. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to deal with it and also hated going to the gym or jogging. My understanding of physical exercise was outdoors playing a sport and having fun.

One day I said to myself: “Ok, how can I hack this?”. 11lbs (5kg) isn’t a big deal but it’s a lot harder to get rid of them if they are your last ones before “the perfect weight”.

After a little thinking I’ve decided to include a walking session of 30-40min when returning from work.

Guess what, in about 15-20 days or so I reached my goal but not only that, my thighs and abs were fit again. At that moment I’ve replaced hard work and hustle with patience as my key strategy.

Obviously I was careful with my meals and walked everyday. In the end I was able to achieve my results without allocating any extra time. And it was fun. I turned on my favourite podcast and before you know it I was home with a clear mind and a relaxed body.

These results are not typical!!! Therefore I’m not suggesting in any way that you can do this. I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist so I don’t have any specific recommendations.

What I can tell you with certainty is that no workout can beat an unhealthy diet. Also note that walking can definitely be used as exercise.

Don’t want to make this too long. It’s important to know my story and the reasons why I’ve decided to talk about walking.

1. I plan on motivating others to start walking instead of procrastinating and doing nothing instead.
2. Learn together about all the walking benefits and how we can apply them in various situations.

Stay safe and keep walking!